Castle Creek Farm

The Essence of Herbs

Woolen and Alpaca Fiber--Alpaca Roving and Yarn

Fiber Dyeing Day at our shoppe--We had a great day learing about fiber dyeing using natural along with other dyes.  We got so many different shades of color, and a lot of information.


We have our Alpaca fiber processed and wool from a couple of local farmers which we sell as roving (both alpaca and wool).

Our home and fabric studio is a Smoke free and indoor pet free home where we process our handcrafted items.
100% all natural Sheep fleece (wool) and Alpaca roving balls.  This fiber is great for spinning, felting, or other crafts. 
This has been professionally cleaned and combed
and is very soft. 
We hope you enjoy!
We have listed our shipping prices but, Items can always be picked up at the farm.

Alpaca Fiber    Chynna's Fiber

100% Alpaca roving great for spinning, felting or any craft idea.  Very soft and luxurious.  This roving is 100% cleaned.  This is a 4 ounce ball of white roving from our alpaca "Chynna".  We acquired Chynna after being rescued.   
4 ounce balls are $6.50 each

Three Babies for Three Brothers. 

 New 2016 Cria----It's a Girl!!! Born July 31. 2016 to Queen Victoria a sunday morning surprise. 

2016 New Cria--It's a girl!!!  Ambrosia Anastashia Majestic Grace

Born July 26. 2016  to Tahnia

Allexandro and Mommy Cassia

Cassie and Wolfgang Alpcas

A New Baby Boy                          Born-- May 8th 2013

We were glad to finally announce the arrival of our first baby alpaca to be born at the farm.  He arrived Wednesday May 8th,2013 around 5:00 p.m., a beautiful and spirited new baby bay weighing about 15 pounds.  Castle Creek Farm's Allexandro Wolfgang's Majestic Star", and to think it only took Cassia (the Mom) 1 year and 1 day after she was bred.  Another blessing for my Mother's day,   Happy Mother's day!! 

Wolfgang Baby Alpaca

Two Girls Born in 2013

We have two little girls added to the flock at Castle Creek Farm

Chynna's baby girl "Queen Esther Arabella Majestic Blessing" and Tanya's Baby girl Queen Victoria Majestic Faith".

Victoria was born while we were in Michigan at the Lavender Festival and Esther was born two- three weeks early and had to bottle fed for about 3 months.  She went with us to Michigan for the Lavender Festival and then to Indiana, and when she came back her mom was waiting at the gate to welcome her home after not being with her for about the 1 since she was born and began to nurse her.  God had such amazing surprises!  We will have their fiber processes this year from their first year.

Back With Mommy

Chyna and Baby Queen Esther

Chynna's baby girl---                     Queen Esther Arabella Majestic Blessing                     Born---- June 18, 2013

Queen Esther Arebella Alpaca

Tanya's Baby Girl------  
Queen Victoria Majestic Faith
Born---July 11, 2013

Queen Victoria Alpaca

Shearing Day

Shearing day is always an exciting time.  I'm sure the alpacas are glad to get the added fiber off and be a little cooler especially for these hotter summer days. 


Getting a haircut


Haircuts for the girls


Getting a Haircut